No "multitask" support?

It’s pretty common with mobile video apps to provide a floating “thumbnail” mode that will allow the playing media to continue playing while you can switch to another app, e.g., youtube, to then return to it by maximizing it again. I was wondering why Tablo mobile doesn’t provide this?

Not too familiar with various mobile video apps, as for youtube - it’s Google. Google is Android so, they can make it do what they want. Or integrate it with the OS.
Other apps may have the capability within the limitations or restrictions of the Android API. Then there’s the wide range of [Android] versions out there - what supports different features.

Why, just speculation, targeting the lest common denominator.

You can do this in iOS using Firefox and the Tablo web app.(pop out video function). You can move/position the floating window anywhere you want on the screen.

sorry, I’m not understanding your reply… there are more apps that do this other than youtube, this was just the more obvious example.

I did go beyond Youtube. The phrase " targeting the lest common denominator" was a guess maybe they targeted the older, yet still active versions/devices which may not have all the capabilities… for example.

I’m not a developer, tablo doesn’t always provide trade secrets or what they’re up to to other’s in the industry.

There may not be a simple easy to understand answer despite the question not being complicated.

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