No Live TV on browser

I had to factory reset my tablo quad. It was working pretty well expect for occasional hanging, etc.

I just tried to access live TV from my browser. I get the live TV grid but any time I select a program, it brings up a manual recording screen. I’ve never seen that before.

What’s going on?

In order to “tune” to that channel and play live TV, just click on the channel number on the left side of the live TV grid.

I can’t even get the browser to load. It goes to my.tablotv then just sits there spinning…

I had a brain freeze on that one. Clicking on the channel number did the trick!

Thank you.

I had to hit the reset on my Tablo to get the browser bug fix operational that was sent out a few days ago in order to get past the spinning. Then I had to click on browser reload a few times at the empty screen after the Tablo reset to get the Tablo showing up on the browser. It then did a few minutes of syncing and it’s been OK ever since in the browser.

Oh and somewhere in between those steps I deleted all the cached data and cookies pertaining to my.tablotv. Then we went and had some Christmas rum when the first few images started appearing…

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This may be a different problem but I’ve noticed the last few days “holes” in the live TV screen. A show that’s a regular or given on that channel at that time shows an empty box while the channels above and below that one, even the show just before and just after, show up fine and I can click them and get info or the record option.
it’s been getting worse but today I see only a tny handful of shows, the rest is all blank empty spots where teh shows should be.
All other functions are fine - maybe this is different than any problems discussed in this thread…

@ShadowsPapa - Sorry to hear that. Can you drop us a line so we can see what’s happening?