No Live TV on Android App

UPDATE: As a last resort I cleared the app’s data and live TV now works again. Number of recordings in thumbnails also corrected.

In the Tablo Android phone app, Live TV is just a black screen with a time grid. On the Roku everything works as it should.

My Tablo works fine on all of my Roku devices. Remote viewing is also accessible via the Tablo app on my phone but while the recording thumbnails show a number of recordings, the number of episodes available is zero. The number of recordings is also lower than the number available on the Roku.

I have re-synced, uninstalled/reinstalled the Tablo app on my phone to not avail.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running Android 9.
It worked fine last week. No updates on my end.
Any ideas?

I see this all the time on Roku. Probably for the last 2 years. It seems to be limited to sports and for me the NFL. If you have any existing category of sport (NFL, college football,etc) that already have existing recordings the current/new recordings will show up in the list.

If this is the first recording under the NFL title it may show up under recordings but sometimes no games are available. You can disconnect the app, reboot the roku, or even use a different Roku the number of recordings is empty. But you can use a different app/device such as fire tv stick and play the recording as it’s being made.

But once the recording is complete it magically appears under the NFL recording entry.

Same thing is happening here. Very intermittent. Clearly a bug THEY introduced. Wow, Tablo has a LOT of bugs to fix on their punch list don’t they. I mean the number of things undone is just crazy, like a fly by night contractor you hired to remodel your house. Don’t bother talking to their single tier tech support, they are hopeless. Tablo is basically a row your own boat solution. Which is fine, except we pay to row our own boat and provide the antenna, cabling, viewing device, internet connectivity, and troubleshooting. And the government and private sector provide the programming. So what are they providing again? Oh well. Yeah, just hope that they will fix it when they release an update on their end, that way you can forget about this bug and focus on all the new ones their fix for this will introduce.

What does this mean? What things have they undone, or are you talking about this specific issue? I’m running Android 12 on a Pixel 5a and not encountering this specific issue so I’m trying to understand what you are talking about.

Not a great choice of word, should have said, not-yet-done. Un-Done. STILL TO DO is maybe better. The Roku app needs a full rebuild. Over a year ago they admitted they can’t even add 360-degree bottom back to top scrolling. Mac App that doesn’t require Safari. Channel Jumping, duration change of skips, Remote Access is poor, adding a second tier of more advanced tech support, I could go on. Or take a look at the Feature Request forum

I don’t argue some of the things you point out, I would also say that there may (I’m not going to say there are because I don’t know all the details) be some platform limitations with some of those things as well that aren’t directly a Tablo problem.

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