No LG webOS app section?

Was looking for others comments on using the LG webOS 2.0 Tablo app on their TV. I have been using it since I got the tablo 1 month ago. I will post my thoughts and impressions soon but didn’t see a section for the LG app here. Will there be one soon?

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There is a “TV Apps” section, which this thread is in, likely an appropriate section for the LG TV app.

Cause I just made it and moved it there :smiley:

Tx @t_g_farrell for keeping us honest!

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Thanks, I posted my review of the app. Hope it helps others.

I have the same problem, have emailed tablo a few time, said they were working on a update for my TV model. Last time I inquired this spring, I was never answered. Got a roku as a work around for now but would like to put that on another tv once the Tablo app is functioning. Any updates?