No Internet , no Tablo?


When I lose power at my house I lose my internet and can not stream my Direct TV or anything like that. My Tablo goes down also. However I do not understand why the Tablo goes down also. My house has back up power and everything still works except my internet provider is off line. ( Cable Company for Internet ) Do I need internet to use the Tablo. I thought one of it’s selling points was you didn’t need internet.
When everything is normal and internet is working I have no issues and use my Roku to control the Tablo. I can access the Tablo and control the settings and such with my PC , Tablet, or phone no issues when my internet is working. All is lost when

What am I doing wrong or how can I get around this. Other than just getting rid of the Tablo and going right to my TV antenna input with my antenna feed.

Any help on this would be great. Sorry if this is a newbie question , but I would like to know. I’m still learning.




What streamer box are you using? Some of them won’t work even locally with the Tablo if they loose internet.

Also, what’s your network setup? All-in-one modem/router/Wifi from the cable company, or do you have your own router? Having separate router and modem can sometimes solve the problem when the modem is disconnected.


If you have backup power, why isn’t your network equipment on it?


I think he’s saying when he loses power, so does the cable company, so he’s not receiving Internet.


Yikes. The cable company loses power? That’s darn near barbaric isn’t it?


I have AT&T Uverse Gigabit Fiber and it needs to stay powered to work. That being said, they have a box that will take a battery (built in UPS) that will work at least for a while, but I know that some installers put them in crawl spaces, the garage in a box, outside the house, etc. and folks don’t know they are there.

For some dumb reason, it did not come installed with a battery, but you can add one.

I had mine installed in the office right by may gateway so I could hook it all up to the same UPS.


Ahhhh… battery backup. I thought you meant you have a generator.


I have my own Arrris modem / router ( about the same as the one issued by cable) and my Roku is hooked up to it along with the Tablo. All wireless.I do use the Roku to access and control the Tablo.


I have a whole house back up generator and yes all my equipment is connected and powered on. However the cable company has no back up for when the power goes out except at their hub sites.
So my Tablo is still powered up and so to is my router / Modem , but the internet regardless of my house power is still going to be down.


All cable companies lose power during a power company failure on the streets that are affected. So a good power outage will take the cable company down and always has.


Read this recent thread discussing the same issue:


I will read them and thank you. I did not find that. I should have looked harder.
Again Thank you all.


I share your pain and disappointment… here’s the answer from tablo FAQ’s support:

Yes. You DO need internet access to use Tablo Over-the-Air DVRs.

There are users who can suggest some work around with specific devices, but officially - the OTA programing is free, but if you want to watch recorded content… it’ll cost you, perhaps indirectly, but you need internet service.