No Help for Tablo Problems

OK - I have to vent a bit. I have had Tablo for a little over a year and loved it until now. Over the last few months it has been giving me problems. Can’t get it to consistently connect to my network. Everything else on the network works fine but the Tablo goes into the blinking light mode and cannot seem to recover - I will be watching a show, hit the back button and lose the connection. A BIG problem for me is that their help is M-F 8:30-4:30 my time. Guess what? I AM WORKING and cannot be home trouble-shooting this thing! I have been sending in mail detailing the problems I am having but do not hear back. If I CAN get home before 4:30 I “wait in line” and then am disconnected at 4:30. I even managed to get home early one day and got someone but in the middle of the call was again cut off at 4:30 (they say this doesn’t happen but it did to me). I have spent many hours trying to get it to connect, rebooting the router, the WiFi, my Firesticks, changing out Ethernet and coax cables, checking everything… and this is (of course) 1 month after the warranty expires! I have invested in the unit, hardware, and life-time guide so I am sort of locked in. I leave it is Remote Access in the morning, send mail to the support line and hear nothing back, I am so tired of this and my wife is defiantly not happy which doubles my pain. I work in IT and am familiar with networking, port forwarding, etc. so cannot imagine how others deal with this. I hope someone sees this from Tablo and can shame them into addressing this. Please help me Tablo! Case 66135

Add @TabloSupport to get more attention. Come on support help this guy out.

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Thanks TG! Come on @TabloSupport do the right thing and work with me. All I want is to get this working again.

Does your Tablo not connect at all to your router via Ethernet? Or does it work after a fresh reboot of both the router and Tablo?

I have had great luck with Tablo support via email but I agree, their hours of operation can make it difficult. Another area that could use some work is their ticketing system puts you at the bottom of the pile every time you respond to an email…

I mention this because I wonder if this is why you haven’t been hearing back form your email correspondence. Obviously they shouldn’t take more than a day to respond but if they are over a day and you resend another email with more details or asking for an update, the system drops you to the bottom and you start that delay over again.

Another thought might be for you to put your Tablo into “heartbeat” mode before going to work. This is a remote management access mode they can use to get logs or set off updates, test or other support features.

I know they aren’t a big fan of putting a Tablo in this mode if support hasn’t requested it but I have done it before when I knew I would be out of pocket for the day and expected them to want to take a peak…

I might send an email one afternoon and if I haven’t heard back by the next morning I would put it in heartbeat mode, go to work. I might check my email on break or lunch and see they responded, almost always with the same response, “please put it in remote diagnostic mode”, so I can quickly respond, done… Again though, ONE email in, wait for a response, even if I have new info, always wait for a response before sending another email.

This sounds like the power supply is failing this is a common problem with the tablo is a weak power supply. It’s like any modern electronics is the power is weak or failing all kinds of phantom problems will happen. Just saying

It does connect to the router via Ethernet sometimes but not always. Most of the time, once I get a connect it will stay but have had times where I do something like hit the back button and it loses the connection. Sometimes a reboot helps but most of the time I just wait and reboot, wait and reboot, wait and it will connect. I have yet to figure out the proper incantation. Thanks for following up on this.

Daniel454 - interesting. I have been mailing them everyday with updates. I mailed them again this morning so looks like I am back at the bottom of the pile (BOTP). I have put the Tablo in heartbeat mode a number of days but never hear anything back (maybe I am being too responsive and going back to the BOTP each day). When I do get it working, it is my wife’s choice for streaming so if I get a connect, I leave it for her. If I cannot connect,. no heartbeat. Danged if I do and danged if I do not! Thanks for this great information. I was going to try and get home early today and call but will stop mailing them.

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Bernie_C - I have had one power supply go bad already and they sent me a new one <6 months ago. In that case I was not getting any power to the unit. Once I get a connect it works fine until is does not but this is a good thing to keep in mind. Thanks for the input!

Sorry for the wait, @BillInAllen - as mentioned above, if we receive updates to your ticket before we get a chance to review, it can push you to the bottom of the queue.

That said, I’ve reviewed your case with the team and we’re taking a look now. You should hear back from us shortly.

Try this power supply solved the same problem your having on amazon

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Does this tip fit correctly into the Tablo. This looks like a really nice replacement for the underpowered unit that comes with Tablo.

No. It doesn’t but I just cut the tip off of the dead p/s using solder but connectors no issues for over a year now

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Thanks Bernie_C. I got out of work early today and am on hold with support now (hoping I can get through before they ring the “its all over” bell at 4:30 central time). I am going to pick up this power supply since I know I have had problems before. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Your welcome

For that price, get a new official power supply replacement directly from Tablo for $9.99. Free shipping. Check their own website store out. I’ll find you the link later.

Thanks theuser86. Support is looking at logs right now and will see what they come back with.

With all those comparison charts of features for OTA DVRs, they over look, if you even need to contact tech support, they are only available weekdays during conventional business hours, eastern time zone.

Sometimes, email just doesn’t convey messages.

Where is there even a phone number listed that you can call them during the daytime hours.

Tablo support is also available to answer questions by phone.

Regular telephone support hours are Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET.

Reach us toll-free at 1-844-TABLOTV (1-844-822-5688)