"No hard drive"

Just had the oddest thing happen…

The wife was watching a recorded show which she said was acting up a bit.  It finished off and then I get told “see here, live TV is buggered”.  Indeed it is.  Login to the app and get a red dot and a “No hard drive” message.

Head upstairs to reboot Tablo.  No change.  Pull the hard drive and go and plug it into the PC.  Ext2Fsd shows the correct size of the disk and the free space, but does not show one single file on the drive.  Nada.  Zip.

Now this is an old drive (the new 2 Tb is actually en route from Newegg this very minute) so it’s possible that somethings gone wrong with the hardware.  But I find it a bit suspicious that the drive still reports size information correctly and is perfectly recognizable when it’s plugged into the PC.  Has Tablo perhaps done a number on the disk and I’ve lost my 50+ recorded episodes of The Simpsons??

I once inadvertantly held down the Tablo blue reset button for more than 5 second (10 probably) to get my Tablo back up and running, I then checked some shows to confirm… But the next day, blank hard drive and no scheduled shows.

So if you used the reset button recently, wait until tomorrow to find out if your schedules still exist.

Otherwise… I got nothing.

Fast forward to this morning.  Tablo still appears to be working “normally”.  Live TV guide is working.  I can browse scheduled recordings.  I can even browse my “existing” recordings.  I just can’t watch anything because there’s no hard drive (or rather there appear to be no files on the hard drive).

@TabloSupport any ideas?

@Pundit Hm. That is indeed strange. What does the Tablo report your drive has in terms of available space? We’ve seen some odd things when the drive gets close to full - which will be addressed in the coming firmware release.

@TabloSupport it doesn’t report anything because it doesn’t see the drive.

When I connect the drive to a PC for a look-see it says around 20 GB free of 160 GB.  But like I said earlier there are no files to be seen on the drive.

@Pundit Depending on what OS you’re running, it’s likely that you won’t be able to properly mount the drive to take a look at its contents.

You could wipe the drive and factory reset your Tablo to get rid of its database (the recordings you’re able to browser but not play) to start fresh, but I know this isn’t the optimal solution.

Feel free to send me a ticket with your MAC and I can check out your Tablo to see if there’s something funky going on.

My new 2 Tb drive arrived yesterday.  I hooked it up and it was immediately seen so I formatted it.

All seems to be well now, although it was fairly painful having to delete every single recorded program individually to get the Tablo back in sync with what was on the drive (i.e. nothing).  But at least my scheduled recordings remained intact.

Good luck filling that 2 T drive before Tablo loses it again.

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