No hard drive, yet, get message "No hard drive connected"

I’m using the Dual Lite version from my Roku box. On occasion, when selecting a channel to watch, I get “No Hard Drive Connected”. I’m not asking Tablo to record, so, I don’t understand why I’m getting this message. And, I currently don’t have a physical drive attached. When I do get the message, the Roku Tablo app returns to the prior screen asking me to Watch or Record.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

The Tablo records even Live TV, so you can use features like pause, rewind, and fast forward.
Are you using the Tablo Dual Lite with built-in 64GB of storage, or the Cloud DVR version?

Ok, watch the “name game”, similar names used here. I have a Tablo Dual Lite, it does have an option for Cloud storage, and does not require (although every thing now says it does) an external HD to watch live tv. It seems to have enough internal storage.
In the past I’ve had drive issues, I had a no drive message in the menu tab. I have had a drive connected (and problems) and tried to watch live tv and it just re-booted.

When no drive actually connected, it says no drive but still lets me watch live TV.

So if you are getting this with a Tablo Dual Lite, no hard drive connected and you can’t watch tv, probably consider contacting tech support.

As I noted in my question, I’m using Tablo - DUAL LITE OTA DVR with WiFi - Black. And, I’m not trying to record. So, you are saying that I can expect to see this message even without an attached drive? That’s a poor design in my opinion.

Well, as it’s marketed at a DVR… I’d disagree. Presuming you can still watch live TV and other wise access it’s programming. It’s letting the user know it’s not functional as designed.

Does this message appears where the [green dot] Tablo is in this pic? Or is it otherwise interfering with it’s operation?

Or you could sign up for Cloud DVR storage via settings if it really bothers you

On Tablo’s web site for the Dual Lite…

What You Need

To set up your Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR you need:

An Over-the-Air HDTV antenna
An internet connection
A USB hard drive - this is required both for watching live TV and recording
A WiFi-enabled computer (Chrome/Safari browser) OR a mobile device (iPad/iPhone w/iOS7+ OR Android smartphone/tablet w/Android 4.1+)

Live TV is usually buffered for 60 minutes. Without an HDD, you might be able to watch live TV, but I would think the buffer is a lot shorter due to limited storage.

The warning message is likely there because Tablo sas you need a HDD connected even for Live TV.

That’s what all the information now states, the box claimed it was only needed for recording.

The box:

I have watched live TV without an external drive, not even Cloud DVR trial. The screen shot in my previous post my tablo tells me I can “Disconnect your hard drive…”

I agree, there seem to be mixed information, or some have changed over time. Not all tablo’s operating the same anymore.

(Not to dig up the past, I interpret “To download guide data and stream HDTV out-of-home” the only need for internet, not basic use)

And ignore what I said below, cuz I apparently can’t properly read an product page…

Respectfully, as I noted in my previous question, there are 2 versions of the Tablo Dual Lite.
Is yours the version with internal 64GB of storage, or the one without?

Actually it was “Tablo DUAL” that came with the 64GB on board storage, and the Tablo DUAL Lite that does not come with the 64GB. Only 1 version of the Lite.

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The product page messed me up.
It shows the Tablo Dual Lite on the same page as the Tablo Dual 64GB, but it looks like just a different version of the Tablo Dual Lite:
The product page title changes when you select the 64GB Onboard option.

Alexa… show me tablo products ??

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We’re not sure either which is why we’d like to take a closer look at your Tablo. The DUAL LITE is one of the few devices that should be able to handle 2 live TV streams w/o the need for a hard drive connected.

Can you send our support team a note referencing this thread?

We can take a closer look at your Tablo and see what’s happening.

Note has been submitted to support team.

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