No Hard Drive Requirement for Live Broadcast

I know this is potentially a “bass ackwards” request…but one of the best things I love about Tablo is a SINGLE antenna that I can use throughout the house. I dont need separate antennas regardless of the 3 TV locations. It would be great if a hard drive was not required for the Tablo to work/broadcast locally/remotely.

I want to put a unit at my Mom’s house in Denver so I can watch the Broncos games here in Austin using the local broadcast…I just wish I didnt need the hard drive as I am trying to make the solution as simple as possible.

I looked for this in the features request, but couldnt find it. My apologies if this is posted already and I missed it…


Have you ever looked into HDHomeRun devices? You run your antenna cable into a device and then connect that device to your network. Then any device (Android TV, computer, etc.) on your network can potentially access the antenna signal without a hard drive.

I have Tablo and an HDHomeRun device, so I use the HDHomeRun app on my Android TV to watch live TV since Tablo is so slow to load live channels. I don’t use a hard drive in this setup, so it’s live TV only - no pausing or recording.

I have not used a homerun device. Part of this inquiry is that I have two (2) Tablo devices that are just sitting in a box that would suit my needs very nicely…I set it up on the network, then I can access remotely from another state once I make the required router changes.

The HDD is not required for watching Live TV on only one tuner. You can do this already.

See Below.

That is only for local viewing. Fairly certain Tablo Connect (remote viewing) requires a HDD. It MIGHT work if you had the remote setting to full quality (so it doesn’t have to transcode it a second time) but probably not.

The premise that there are OTA Broncos games being broadcast in Denver that are incredibly important to view real-time in Austin by a user that has 2 unused tablos in box yet doesn’t want to spend $50 for a disk drive, seems somewhat of a stretch.

You would think that a user would want to record the game and also watch the recording as it is actually being recorded. This would ensure that if there was any remote playback interruptions no football plays/action would be lost since they are also in the recording.

I see where you’re coming from, but some would argue that money is money.
Don’t spend it, if you don’t need to.

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If all you cared about was real-time viewing of one channel and tablo recognized USB 3.0 flash drives, you could find a fast enough 16GB fash drive for $9 and be ready to go.


Thanks! I thought I read this in the firmware notes, but I wasnt sure. I will try it out to see the remote capability.

I watch them now over the internet (less than HD). If I dont need to spend the extra money, why complicate the requirement. I dont have the hard requirement if there are any playback issues to have it recorded so this inquiry is only one of convenience.

The reason I have two devices is each one (2-tuner/4-tuner) have different issues (ie, network jack failed but wireless works) but could not be returned due to their age.

Thanks for the input!

If you are streaming Live TV at with the Remote Streaming Quality set to Full Quality, it should work remotely without a HDD connected.