No guide on certain channels

So I’m using the webOS tablo app on my lg TV and I’m not getting certain channel info on the guide even when I had the free 14 guide info. As of right now I’m getting guide info (TV shows at timeframes for 2-1, 6-1, 15-1 but for example nothing for 10-1 and 12-1 which prevents me from starting a recording on those channels

Open a support ticket with Tablo Support.

The guide data is linked to a Zip Code/Postal Code.

In the meantime, try a nearby Postal Code to see if the guide data has been populated for the channels you don’t have guide data.

As a temporary work-around, if you have another source and know a show which you want to record - you can setup a manual recording for that time. Presuming you can tune into the channel and view content. Yes, it’s a pita, but if you really want a show, until things get straightened out, it’s an option.

Where do I open a support ticket ? Also the workaround is I would change my postal code and rescan or simply change it ?
Other options -

Change your code, would necessitate a re-scan. Then you’d have to re-select channels, most likely, varies by device.

Reminder that Tablo HQ is closed this Monday for Canadian Thanksgiving.