No Guide Data Washington DC

I just setup my tablo this weekend and am having problems with the guide data. It will not populate nbc4 , fox 5, channels 14 - 50. The list is long and distinguished. I have done rescans and it finds all available channels just no guide data. I wouldn’t expect this in such a large market like DC.

Humor alert: Nothing works in Washington.

That does seem strange. I know sometimes if it’s a new zip there can be issues and you can sometimes choose a neighboring zip. Guide does take awhile to populate. If all else fails, try Tablo support.

Good idea about the zip. I’m kind of out on the fringe of reception. Thanks

@vacane - Yep - definitely try a different zip code for immediate results but please also pop us a note with details of the zip you’re using and the channels you aren’t seeing. It’s usually just a matter of associating a particular zip with the channel data.

I change the zip code and that worked for most. I have a ticket it and will update with the missing channels.

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@TabloTV - I am brand new to Tablo only had my unit since Sunday. I put the ticket in yesterday about my guide data and have had no contact from support. If it wasn’t for this forum I would be extremely frustrated with the setup of my tablo. Why is support so unresponsive when submitting a ticket? As a new customer I was hoping for a little quicker response time.

@vacane - I just checked with the team. They’ll be in touch shortly.

Apparently you sent two emails yesterday which effectively bumped you to the rear of the queue as we work on a first-in-first out system. It’s best when you send us a note to wait until we follow up with you before replying. Our goal is to reply to every email within 1 business day but Mondays tend to be a bit busier as we catch up from the weekend.

Any chance of being open on Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon Eastern time and let whatever people work it come in 4 hours late on Monday, or hire some college interns or part time people? Then maybe normal hours on Saturday.

@TabloTV So I get an email from support to change my zip code and I do. Then crickets, I ask how long I need to leave it never get reply. Didn’t want to be without guide data so I changed it back. Then get an email today saying I didn’t change my zip code…so I did it again got a couple of errors stating cannot verify zip and now the unit is not accessible on the network. My point is for a company that I here a lot of good things about, my experience is terrible. About ready to just ship this back and find a solution with better support and that won’t crash when running a rescan.