No guide data loading

So yesterday I completely lost the guide and live tv. When I click on live tv it brings up the guide but then instead of loading anything all the time slots quickly turn into diagonal stripes and don’t load any show info. I can’t select any channels to watch and I can’t schedule anything to record since there isn’t any show information. I can access the recordings I currently have, but nothing is recording anymore and is being skipped because the guide is gone. I still have a week on my trial period, and want to pay for the subscription, but I want it to work before I do. Please help!

So I might have found the problem. When I went to settings on my phone I noticed the guide hadn’t updated for 15 days. So I clicked on the update guide button and now it’s downloading. Does this not automatically update? Am I going to have to manually do this every two weeks?

It does update every morning around 2 AM. If it stops updating for some reason, a quick reboot of the Tablo usually fixes it.

The only other possible problems would be if you had your Tablo powered off overnight (like a turned off power strip) or you have network problems overnight.

Thank you @snowcat you were spot on. I actually did put the tablo on a timed powerstrip so that it would shut off at night giving it a cooling off period. I figured there was no reason to have it running 24/7 while we’re only watching it during waking hours. I will take it off the strip and see how it handles being on all the time. I did stand it on its side and that has seemed to help displace the heat a little better.

It does use only 4 or 5 watts of power, so leaving it on all the time isn’t a problem.

MIne has been doing this every day lately. I have to exit the Roku application and launch again, then the grid fills.

Do you leave your the Tablo channel open and running on your Roku 24/7? When you’re done viewing recordings or Live TV do you exit the Tablo channel to the Home Screen?

Some members of the family just turn off the TV and Tablo continues to run in the background. When I turn the TV back on and go to the guide, this is when I usually see the diagonal bars. I have to then exit the app and return to get the guide to fill in properly.

I noticed this too recently. I’ll go to the grid guide and some or all the channels have the ‘mint candycane’ look. Sometimes they fill in immediately and other times they don’t. I’ll have to go into settings and update the guide manually. Then everything comes back. My info shows that the guide was updated properly overnight so I’m at a loss why everything doesn’t display immediately.

You two are describing two different issues. DiscoStu is saying the Tablo channel on the Roku loads the 24 hours live TV grid upon opening of the channel, then after 24 hours of leaving the Tablo channel open, the guide is not empty. The reason is that the Tablo channel is not ‘refreshing’ the live TV grid with data from the Tablo. To have the live TV grid refreshed, he has to exit the channel and re-open it.

What you are describing is actual information missing from the guide data so you have to force the Tablo to go out to the internet and download the new updated guide data. Your few time slots here and there missing the guide information would be seen across all platforms, Roku, iPad, Android, etc.

I was replying to @DiscoStu 's first reply which said: [quote=“DiscoStu, post:6, topic:3161”]
MIne has been doing this every day lately
of which he/she was replying to the OP:

[quote=“bdrzr, post:1, topic:3161”]
So yesterday I completely lost the guide and live tv. When I click on live tv it brings up the guide but then instead of loading anything all the time slots quickly turn into diagonal stripes and don’t load any show info
[/quote] and since my situation was similar and he/she said ‘lately’, I thought I’d add my ‘lately’ guide problem too. Not relevant?

Definitely relevant to the thread. I just wanted to point out their different issues as not to add to confusion.

I also have lost my guide. My subcritpion is active and it downloaded new guide data but none of it is displayed. I have tried cycling power on the Tablo, restarting the app but nothing has resolved this. I cannot watch live TV and my recording screen that had some recordings is just showing a black screen. The guide screen just shows the times across the top. The channels are missing also.

Try switching to a nearby zip code to see if it makes a difference.