No Frame display on Forward Rewind actions on Roku 7.6.0

With ROKU OS 7.6.0, forward and rewind no longer showing frames, just a blank screen with time line. Appeared right after update to 7.6.0

I just upgraded to 7.6.0 this morning, and I had no issues with the preview panes. I looked at multiple recordings, and the all worked correctly.

Sometimes a particular recording won’t get the preview panes, so have you looked at multiple recordings to see if this is happening for all of them?

youre right. seems fine now.
i did see it couple of different programs yesterday though. not sure what changed

@toblorox If all of your tuners were in use, or the recordings were still in progress, they won’t have fast forward preview frames.

More details on that here:

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I just upgraded my Roku 4 this morning, and have watched a couple of recorded shows. There were no issues with FF thumbnails.

this could be the reason

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wanted to revive this - looks like i am having same problem still on Roku Premiere.

The preview frames won’t get generated if the Tablo crashed, and rebooted before the end of the recording.
However, if the Tablo did crash during a recording, it would create multiple, at least 2, recordings for the same event.
Are the preview frames not being generated on a complete single recording?

no, it didnt crash and there are no multiple recordings. seems to happen only on premiere on a number of programs, not just one.

I played back the same recording on a Roku 3 and it showed frames during rew/ff.

the problem still persists. some programs show previews, most dont. there is no pattern to which programs show and which dont.

yes, other tuners are free. yes, frames show up on my other Roku, a ROKU 3.

Can you send our support team a note with the details? i.e let us know which recordings work with FW/RW on the Roku 3, but fail on the Premiere. We can check out your Tablo’s logs to see what’s up.

submitted a support ticket

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