No device can connect after a restart and/or power cycle?

I am having nothing but a horrible experience since I received my Tablo this past Friday. First, like many others I have seen post, after the 2.2.6 upgrade my guide is totally broken, I get no schedule whatsoever, and can only watch live TV. Then when I go to live TV I can’t even see all of the channels only the few that fit into the window with no option to scroll dow, however, I can selecct channels that aren’t showing in the window I just have no idea which is selected.

The most annoying and actually debilitating problem is that if for any reason I have to power cycle or restart the Tablo I will lose connection from all of my devices and can never get reconnected. Between the simple “A connection to your Table could not be established” to the dreaded “There was a problem establishing an authenticated session with your Tablo. This could be due to either authentication or internet connectivity issues.”

Right now none of the following can connect to my Tablo, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android Tablo app, nor the Web app using Chrome or Firefox. So it is just sitting there expending electricity and absolutely unusable.

Does anyone know, what is the amount of time a Tablo is powered up, to when it can finally be connected to? Is there any such time period required for it to fully boot up and allow devices to connect?

I am very near totally fed up with this thing and ready to return to Amazon. Pretty expensive to pay $270.00 for a piece of plastic that consumes electricity, but that’s about all it does.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


UPDATE - Finally I can get my devices connected after a few restarts and power cycles. Not sure why, or what made it finally work as I gave 15-30 minutes between restarts/power cycles. I still have absolutely no Guide and thus can’t schedule any recordings. Guide update is stuck at 5% complete instead of the 0% complete I was seeing prior.

It usually takes only about a minute for me to access the Tablo from any device after my Tablo reboots. Not sure why you were haven’t such a problem.

Have you done a full reset? If not, since you have no recordings, try it. Just hold down the little button in the back until the front light starts to blink, release it and it will do a factory reset, keeping the current update intact.

If all goes well, it will reformat your drive and start the normal setup routine you went through when you first set it up.


@snowcat and @marjamar, I think it is just a matter of it taking a while to connect to the Tablo backend server, and maybe I was just unfortunate to have received and tried setting up my Tablo when they were having problems following the latest software upgrade. I noticed that when I was unable to connect with any devices the blue LED light was flashing about once per second, and kept doing this. When it finally quit flashing and stayed on steady, then I was able to connect.

I’m thinking it might have been a back end issue because I saw reference to it in the KB, and then seeing all of the posts regarding stuck upgrade downloads and guide issues.

I did try the factory reset earlier and it didn’t help, and that’s when I lost all of my guide information and was stuck all weekend only able to watch live TV.

My verdict is still out about the Tablo, but things are much better as of early last evening. I now have the full guide and my devices are conneccting. I just will be afraid to reboot the Tablo in the future. :smile:


Well I spoke too soon, and today my Tablo is acting up again. I can’t geth antying to connect to my Tablo. I have also been unable to get a solid LED now for almost 3 hours. Tried several soft reboots by pushing the blue button quickly, and even tried a couple of power cycles, but to no avail.

Sigh… This is getting tiring. Am I the only person having this problem?

@TabloScott - Sorry to hear that. There’s got to be something funky happening with your network. Please send a note to support so we can get this figured out for you:

@TabloTV I have done this a couple of times now, but only received one not so helpful reply on Monday. My latest was sent yesterday when this happened again. I don’t see any sort of ticket numbering in the auto-reply email I received, so I’m not sure how they track open tickets.

From some of the similar posts I’ve seen, I am wondering if maybe the latest software update, 2.2.6, might have introduced some sort of tcp/ip retention issues on the Tablo client?