No cover art and does not work with the PC


No, nada, zero cover art for any program. The issue is on both the Android and Roku apps. I can’t seem to get Chrome or Firefox to work at all with the Tablo. I tried a reset and manual guide data refresh. I’m hoping I don’t have to factory reset but unless someone has an idea I think that is what I’ll have to do.

4 tuner version
Firmware 2.2.22
Day 3 of guide data trial

Well I’m thinking about it. If it isn’t already a feature it would be nice if you could backup setting before a factory reset. Otherwise I have to write down all the programs I have scheduled along with those my wife scheduled and put them back manually.


I think I know exactly what your problem is, it’s rules in your firewall (or maybe a content filter if you have one) on your network. Your Tablo client viewing device goes out to the internet to get cover art, and in doing so it must use some kinda of unique outbound port traffic to do so that’s not something standard like 80 or 443. If I’m wrong about the ports, then it’s definitely a content filter and how it scans images. I know this because when I connect any of my own devices that are synced with my Tablo through Tablo connect at my workplace, I have the same issue you do. I can adjust settings on my Tablo, watch live and recorded content remotely from my home to work network, but I get absolutely no cover art. If I am at home, on cellular, or anywhere else, the same devices display cover art with no issues. Something in my work network firewall (or content filter) is allowing remote viewing but not allowing cover art. I’ve just never taken the time to trace it down and correct the problem, because I’m able to remote view, so I just let it go even though I would love to eliminate the problem. If tablo support chimes in with the specifics on what traffic needs allowed for just the cover art, I’ll try to apply it at my work to see if it fixes it and let you know.


You nailed it!

I did a short test with my Tablo in the DMZ. Everything loaded. Now I have to figure out what port/ports/filters to change.

Thank you so very much!

For anyone else that reads this PLEASE do not leave your Tablo in the DMZ! It’s great for testing purposes but it’s not secure because that leaves the device completely exposed to the internet. I used it only as a short term (less then 5 minutes) diagnostic tool. If you leave a device in your DMZ it will end up on a service like shodan for all the hackers to play with.

I’ll update with the exact fix later


I found the exact filter causing the problem. I was blocking because it’s hosting some really scammy stuff I was trying to block. It’s also apparently hosting the cover art for Tablo or a third party on behalf of Tablo.

The funny thing is there are only 5 filters I put in place because they annoyed me enough to create a filter.

Thanks again! Maybe you can check to see if you are blocking them or their IP at your work. I can’t remember specifically why I blocked them but it usually takes something serious like malware to get on my incredibly short black list.

EDIT: Here is one of the root problems causing my errors. is a canonical domain for Much like any web service or hosting provider cloudfront has mostly legitimate customers like Tablo and a few other customers that aren’t good people. I will have to find a different way to block some of these “bad actors” since (AKA Amazon AWS) provides service to mostly legitimate customers and blocking them entirely may block other legitimate services I want to use.


That’s hysterical. But I’m not sure what form of hysteria I’m dealing with.

Isn’t Amazon Clouldfront is just one of many companies that offer services to speed up web content delivery. It just integrates better with other Amazon products like S3 bucket, AWS backbone, etc.

But Amazon is all seeing and all knowing. I read online that they know who their enemies are. The Amazon trucks seen on the streets may not be just making delveries.

They may also be picking up people to work as drones in their warehouses. I remember that Fox Mulder of the X-Files had an open case on this type of activity.


First off let me say “I’m sorry Amazon! I would not have done it if I had known it was you! Can’t I be friends with both you and Google?”

Second: Amazon won’t do anything to slow down their services and will do anything that can be done to streamline. They only kidnap the VERY BEST slaves which they refer to as “Associates” not “drones”.


I went back to check on this issue, basically because even though I diagnosed it, I didn’t want to put the time in to track down the solution to the problem, but since you did that for me, I’m willing to apply the solution, haha. Strange thing though, for whatever reason, my issue was already gone before I had a chance to fix it. For some unknown reason, my cover art was already back, even though I’m 100% certain last time I checked it, it was not there (I admittedly do not access my Tablo from work very often). My content filter is a cloud hosted solution, so most likely the provider made an adjustment or update of some kind that took care of this without me reporting it. Or, they know my exact identity, watch this exact public message board, and corrected my issue based off of the conversation you and I are having in this thread, creepy…


That’s a hard no.