No Connection, Connect to the internet

My Tablo will play for awhile then it says no connection connect to internet now or set up later. I went to settings and network and it is connected. Its been working good and it just started this. I reset it and it still does it. It is hard wired. Anyone know what might be the trouble?

I would call tablo support.

What device is this happening on? Are you using a Roku, PC, etc?

My Tablo at first kept telling me I had no internet connection so I went to settings and Network and it was connected. So now every few minutes it pops up saying reloading and then goes back to the start where I have to choose live tv and click on the program I was watching. I rebooted by pushing in the blue button and that didn’t work so I rebooted the tablo and my modem and that didn’t fix the problem. Any ideas what might be going on?