No channels with antenna - 9 without

Hi - just got the dual tuner with amplified antenna bundle. Antenna is pointed NW - directly at all the TV towers in the area (Detroit). When antenna is connected and powered, I get no stations on scan. With no antenna at all I get nine channels. I’m confused. Any suggestions?

Hi Patrick - If you’re super close to the towers you may not need the amplifier on the Mohu antenna and could be overpowering the tuners on your Tablo.

You can bypass the amp by not connecting the included power injector.

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I get the same 9 channels with no antenna attached that I get with no amplifier power on an attached antenna.

OK - have you scanned for channels again? And in that channel scan, not all channels will be pre-selected to be added to the guide.

Are you saying that only 9 come up during a fresh channel scan? Or are there more?

The same nine channels are found on a scan with no antenna or unamplified antenna.

In that case you may need to reposition the antenna. Height is important.

And while most of the towers in Detroit are North West of downtown, they are fairly spread out.

Depending on where you’re at, a single antenna may not ‘see’ all of the towers.

If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to touch base with support:

I’m 130’ above ground level with clear line of site to the horizon 180 degrees from NNE to SW and everything in between. It’s exterior mounted. There’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t be getting a spectacular signal from every tower in or around Metro Detroit.

In that case, it’s worth reaching out to support to take a closer look:

Already on it. Last I heard she had requested a pic of the back of my unit. Nothing since that point yesterday. I’ll keep waiting.