No Channels Fount

I have had two quad tablo units. Neither one has been able to get channels during scan. I have taken the coax cable attached to my tv (which finds 21 channels) and attached to the tablo. No Channels. I have contacted tablo support and they have remotely connected. They say no problems with the unit. They say it must be the antennae setup. Help. Do I need a booster, connect thru a tuner, etc?

What is your antenna setup, amps etc.

You may want to check the coax connections on the back of the Tablo. Sometimes, if the connections are tightened too much (more than finger-tight), the inside wire from the connector to the mother board may break.

Another frequent problem with the F-59 coax connections is that the connector does not properly connect with the cable’s inner conductor, because the solid wire in the cable is outside of spec and is a bit too thin. (Not all F-59 connectors will close tightly around the thinner solid wire.)

If you coax is “RG-6” type, you should be OK. If it is the less expensive, older, RG-59, you may want to consider replacing it, or at least the last segment of it.