No channels found with 2 different tuners

This is going to be wierd. I had a newer model tuner that was working fine. Been using tablo for years. All my channels came in fine. Suddenly nothing would come in. No live tv. I tested channels and it said “no channels found in my area”. Even a weak signal will find something. I tried tightening the coax and ended up breaking the connector. So I disconnected that tuner and reconnected an older one I had that works fine. I also replaced the antennae and I replaced the wire going from the tuner to the antenna.

Hooked it all up and got it working great. All the channels came in…recording great. It worked about a week until today.

Now with a different tuner, a different wire and a brand new antennae that’s been working great for a week and guess what. I can’t get live tv and I tested and it said “no channels found in my area” (again).

I rebooted my Shield android device and reloaded the app. Still no channels found.

It sounds like a software issue now. Incapable with Shield?

All the hardware is different from the first “no channels found” and now again getting “no channels found” again.

The only thing the 2 situations where I got a “no channels found” have in common is the android Nvidia shield and the app. Otherwise my Nvidea Shield works perfectly.

added: I just read someone suggested maybe interference. Maybe a HAM operator interfering in my neighborhood? Any other ideas.

Could it be with the Zip Code setup on the Tablo? I have to use zip codes for “downtown Austin” (30 miles away) to get the proper programming for my TV channels in the area (this isn’t Tablo - it is the supplier of the channel data - I believe gracenotes?)

Also, check your timezone setup on your devices - I had a FireTV that had the wrong timezone & zip code in the setup, and it threw everything off - once I updated the TV to the correct settings, all was good.

Did you check the cable? Maybe it has an intermittent break in it. Verify the center conductor is properly sticking out of the connectors and not smashed into the sides. Same goes for any ground shield not shorting against the center.

Also, if you have some form of pre-amp, either standalone or built into the antenna, verify that it is getting power. Too many have no pass-thru mode if they lose power. Some cheap amps just go bad for no reason, and just add noise rather than helping.