No audio on only one single primary channel

I’ve been running my Tablo quad tuner trouble free for quite a while now, but something recently popped up. I’m not getting audio for just one single channel (channel 23 - local CBS affiliate in my area). And what’s stranger is that it’s only on the primary (23.1) channel. For all the other subchannels on this channel (23.2, 23.3, etc), audio comes in fine. This happens on both recordings and live TV. Audio is fine on all the other channels/subchannels. Also, when tuning 23.1 directly on multiple TVs instead of through the Tablo, audio is fine.

The Tablo shows being up to date with the latest firmware (2.2.26). Also, this happens on the Roku, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Tablo apps, so it’s not a specific platform issue. For additional information, I have had the surround sound option turned on for the Tablo, but I also tried temporarily turning it off to see if that would change the issue. It didn’t; audio is missing on 23.1 with or without surround sound turned on.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a configuration issue on the broadcaster side; I’ve had some experience with misconfigured PSIP data causing issues with some devices but not others, especially TVs. However, I’ve never run across this specific sort of audio issue, and some quick web searches haven’t turned up much, so maybe it could be a Tablo bug?

EDIT: I want to thank those that replied. I also want to note that this problem has been resolved. The suggestion to rescan channels from @3rdRockOKC fixed this. I’ve got sound on all my channels now. Thanks!

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Try running the channel scan again and be sure to check all the channels you want and then add to guide when the scan finishes.

If you connect your OTA antenna directly to your HDTV, do you get audio on your TV?

something is extra screwy here…
but to suddenly conclude “Tablo bug” seems too easy to toss it off.

Hey @3rdRockOKC, thanks for your reply. This worked. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect it to work since the problem was only on one channel that I was receiving other than the sound. I almost dismissed it, but I had to admit that it was something I hadn’t tried, so I gave it a whirl. Problem solved; sound is now coming in fine on 23.1 along with all the other channels.

I even had the benefit of finding a new channel entirely; it’s from a low power station on a different channel that I saw broadcasted Telemundo (not really my thing), but now I see that it’s also broadcasting the H&I (Heroes & Icons) network. Overall a good day.

Thanks again.

Hey, @theuser86, yes it worked fine on multiple TVs. (I’ve got my outdoor antenna amplified and distributed to many locations, so there’s lots of taps for the OTA signals.) But as @3rdRockOKC suggested, a rescan fixed things up with the Tablo. Still surprises me a little.

Hi @djk44883, yes I agree that something was screwy, and I wasn’t picking on the Tablo. Just that there was something wrong with one specific (sub)channel, and it could either be a problem with the broadcast, which I viewed as most likely, but there was also the chance that it could be an issue with the Tablo. Either a bug, or the Tablo being more strict about following the ATSC metadata rules than my TVs. I had a huge problem back in the Windows Media Center days where Media Center lost an entire channel because its PSIP data was misconfigured, while my TVs happily ignored the errors and tuned the channel in fine. It took me nearly a month of communicating with the engineer at the station to get it resolved.

Turns out that doing a rescan as @3rdRockOKC suggested cleared up the problem. I still find that odd since it was only a problem on the main channel, and audio on the other subchannels worked fine. Obviously something changed on that one channel which affected the Tablo but not the TVs I have.

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