No Audio on NVIDIA Shield TV and Chromecast w/ G-TV

I have three streaming devices in my home - two NVIDIA Shield TV Pro’s and one Chromecast with Google TV. All devices are at current firmware levels. I am using these devices to display content from a single Tablo Quad HDMI DVR. On all three devices, when I install the Tablo app from the Google Play store it finds the DVR immediately, but when I try to play either live or recorded content, the video is displayed but the audio does not come through. I have found that on the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro devices if I do a full factory reset and then install just the Tablo app I get both audio and video. Just simply installing the Tablo app without the full factory data reset doesn’t cut it. Royal pain because now I need to re-login all my other streaming apps. Note that there are no audio setttngs on either the Tablo DVR itself or on the NVIDIA shield that help this situation.

On the Chromecast with Google TV doing a factory data reset doesn’t help. It’s running on Android 10, and all other apps work great. Again, video from the Tablo DVR plays fine, but the audio is not included.

Anybody have any success with:

  1. Getting the Tablo app to work properly (play both audio and video) on NVIDIA Shield TV Pro without needing to do a full factory data reset; and
  2. Getting the Tablo app to play both audio and video on the Chromecast with Google TV.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this. I called Tablo Support and they claimed they couldn’t reproduce the problem, so they just dumped me. Makes me wish I had never purchased Tablo.

We use a Chromecast with Google TV on both our TVs (one of which has a Vizio Atmos sound bar attached) and haven’t had any problems. In our situation because of the main TV having the sound bar we have the Tablo configured to record in surround sound and don’t have any issues with live or recorded content playing back correct, synced audio on either TV. However, we have a non-HDMI Tablo unit.

For whatever device you have the Tablo connected to via HDMI, do you have audio on that device via the HDMI connection?

Yes, on the TV directly connected to the Tablo DVR via HDMI cable the audio comes through fine. It’s strictly a problem getting the audio through the Tablo app from this DVR. What’s really interesting is that as long as care is taken on how to install the Tablo app on the NVIDIA Shield TV’s (see my original post), the audio comes through fine on them as well. It should be noted that I have the Chromecast with Google TV device connected to the same TV as is one of the NVIDIA devices. So the problem is clearly with the Tablo app when connecting to a Tablo HDMI Quad DVR via the Chromecast. It’s also weird that the NVIDIA devices require a factory data reset to get the Tablo app to work.

@ojordahl Are you able to hear any audio at all in the app when on Shield/Chromecast? For example, when scrolling through menu options, the app should make a light ‘clicking’ sound. Are you hearing those ok? We are just trying to determine if the problem lies in just the playback of content or in the entire app itself.

In addition, after you factory reset the Shield, you say the sound works again. Has it since stopped again?

Thus far after doing the factory data reset on the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro’s and installing the Tablo app to get audio working, audio continues to work as expected, even after installing and configuring all the other apps.

On the Chromecast with Google TV, I do hear the navigation clicks (e.g., when I do a rapid scroll through the list of recordings), so that part of Tablo audio does come through. It’s just the audio from live or recorded content that doesn’t come through.

I neglected to mention that the TV we use for the Tablo HDMI connection is a Sony with Google TV. So I can play the Tablo content on the Sony TV either by switching to the HDMI port for the Tablo or running the Tablo Android app on the Sony TV. Both work fine. On the Sony system I have not had to do a factory data reset to get audio to work through the Tablo app.

Sad to report that the latest Tablo Quad HDMI firmware update (2.2.40) did not resolve this situation. Still can’t get audio to come through using the Tablo app on Chromecast with Google TV device.