No ability to record series now

I was able to set programs to record the series until a few days ago but that option has disappeared. I checked my subscription and it’s valid both on the website and on the tv’s screen. I reset the subscription on the screen and unplugged the box and restarted it. My previous series settings still show series recording but I can’t add anything new. My 1 gig hard drive seems to be working fine and plays the recordings I have. I checked for software/firmware settings and I’m up to date. I can record once but there is no option to record a series. I’m using a Roku equipped TV. What am I missing?

On the Roku settings page it probably should say: Guide Data + Other Services.

I’ve seen times when only one of the two appear. And when you go into Manage My Subscription it should say Guide Data Service - Active and if you don’t have CS, Premium Service - Expired. And also have the proper S/N number.

Thank you for your reply! I think you meant the Tablo settings page and not the Roku settings. On the Tablo settings, both the Guide Data and Premium Service show as active and the serial number checks out with the one on the bottom of the Tablo box. Still, no joy on series recordings showing up as an option when clicking on a program in the Guide.

Reboot your router (aka power cycle). Reboot your Tablo. Then reboot your playback device.

It’s fixed! OK did all the rebooting. Then discovered that the advertised “one touch series recording” is no longer in effect.
Here’s what I have to do:

  1. Go to live TV in Tablo to invoke the grid.
  2. Go onto the grid to the show you want to series record.
  3. Click the show and you will see a “record episode” option and a “go to show” option. Choose “go to show.”
  4. That opens another option which includes another “record” button among other things. Click the “record” button.
  5. That invokes a pop-up that asks “automatically schedule recordings for this show” with “record all” or “record new” choice. Unless you want to see reruns click “record new”
  6. Then you can click “options” and select “any” channel (the default) or choose which channel you want to record it on. Believe it or not, Lester Holt sometimes comes on one channel in my area and sometimes on another, so I have to make sure the default “any” is chosen. There, you’ve done it.
  7. Optional but recommended is to jump ahead in the grid and see if your show is truly showing as getting recorded on later days. You can tell that it is by the colored triangle and colored outline that depicts the shows slated for recording.

You can also scheduled shows by going to the “TV Shows” section in the Roku app instead of using the Live TV grid.


I would imagine what that is referring to is scheduling the recording via the TV shows area @theuser86 mentioned. In that view you can find the show and simply tell it to record all or new if you don’t have any need to adjust the other additional options and it’s schjeduled.