Nickelodeon to launch subscription video service


Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon

Makes me wonder where TV is going.

HBO, CBS, Now Nickelodeon…

I think they will all join which makes your choice larger. Now @TabloTV might be the time to start looking into the ability to record from these different sources. I know it brings a lot of complexity and may be too complicated to add into current product, but for future upgrades :wink:

Recording internet streams is a definite no-no.  We really don’t want the Tablo folks going to jail, do we?

A few folks have suggested this but most of these services have legal restrictions around recording of the programming. (This is one of the reasons why Sling doesn’t have a DVR-type service included and only streams some of the content on-demand.)

Yes, it would be super cool but we try to avoid getting sued. 

Plus, (with some exceptions like Sling) on a lot of streaming services you can just choose to play the same clip again whenever you want.

@snowcat, going to jail? Playon does it, they aren’t in jail…

@TabloTV sling actually does include some shows to watch that are not live VOD

I just looked at Playon, and I don’t see anything on their site about recording internet streams.  It appears to consolidate the various streaming providers (Hulu, Netflix, etc) into a single interface, but that is about it.

Their PlayLater recordings you can record any of the streams within PlayOn…@snowcat

I know, I have it and it works

Just to add to that :

What kind of videos can I record?
All of the video channels listed here are readily available for PlayLater customers — including Hulu, HuluPlus*, Netflix*, HBO Go*, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Comedy Central, Food Network, Amazon VOD, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, Disney, Nick, Nick Jr. and many more. Additionally, you can easily expand your available video selections by adding plugin channels, giving you an amazing array of content to enjoy. 

Something screwed up the formatting on this one:

Is PlayLater legal?
Yes. PlayLater is technology designed to let individuals watch legal online content whenever and wherever they like. Just like the broadcast DVR and the VCR before it, PlayLater is designed for personal use and convenience.

I am pretty surprised that this is legal, but it apparently is (for now).  We will see if it continues.  

If there is one thing we learned from the Aereo case is that as long as it is available and is for personal use only it is legal.

Now, if they throw into their terms of service some place that says you cannot record this in any fashion, maybe that would be illegal. But PlayOn has been in business since 2008 and they are still around. Unless the courts say you cannot record things for personal use, which I think would have repercussions everywhere, it is and will continue to be legal :wink:

Cloud personal non-shared backups, essentially what Aereo did (actually it was way more restricted) was not allowed, but we can do cloud backups?  Anyway, I suggest people understand the case… ultimately the SCOTUS missed on this one and cost a company its life.

You can record anything coming to your computer in full HD… it’s trivial… but whatever… (I"ll accept any challengers if you want a demo).

@cjcox, yes they missed because they did not understand the technology and the networks took advantage of that :wink:

@cjcox, yes they missed because they did not understand the technology and the networks took advantage of that ;)

What do you mean didn’t understand the technology?  At an average age of slightly over 69 I’m sure they will be happy to describe to you how black and white television works…

jbanks25 lol  :))