NFL recording kinda wonky

So sometimes when I’m recording an NFL game, it shows the logo for the NFL like there should be a recording(s), but no recordings are listed (on my Roku). This is when the game is still active. I think once it ends it will show up. However, if I log onto Tablo via my computer, I can see the games that it is recording. Anyone else seeing this and/or have any ideas? I ask because sometimes I want to start a game that is still in the process of recording. Thanks.

Yep. That’s been going on for 3+ years. Sometimes/most times it’s fine. It only seems to happen if the recording tab doesn’t already have an NFL entry. The only other sport it use to happen for was college football. But I haven’t seen it for a while for that sport. Of course it’s almost impossible for tablo to fix it since by the time they connect to debug it has self corrected.

Here is another issue that’s never been fixed that I only remember seeing for sports. If you have the extend live feature on and the DVR is recording in the extend period and you are watching the football game and decide to pause (stop watching). When you start watching again it starts at the beginning of the game.

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