NFL network to be available streaming

Thanks for the post. This looks promising.

Need to wait to see the pricing options. If around $20 per month, might have to try.

It already is if you are overseas or know how to VPN to other countries. :wink:

I wonder if they do the blackouts … I have had a lot of friends who are sports fanatics ask about cord cutting but are too addicted to their sports programming to make the leap.

Don’t know, but does blackouts

Great news! I want to have choices and competition should only help out the consumers.

The AT&T/DTV streaming service is also supposed to be coming out this fall. They say they might be offering their NFL “Sunday Ticket” package with it, but haven’t said for sure.

SlingTV has improved since I signed up for it back in March. They now allow multiple streams (3), and have FOX local sports available for NHL and MLB games like cable offers. I now get over 30 channels for $20/month. Not too bad compared to my DTV bill I dropped. :wink: