Nfl game on cbs not showing in sports

I want to set the eagles vs browns game to record. Sept 11 1pm CBS.

It is not listed under sports/nfl. Cant go far enough in the future in the live tv guide to get it there. Any philly or clevland user having the same issue?

Here is a link to a map that shows which markets each game will be played.

Are you in one of those markets? It doesn’t sound like you are in the Cleveland or Philly market, since Browns or Eagles games will always show up (like the Titans for me). If you aren’t in the the team city’s market but are supposed to get the game, the guide is usually updated by today (Friday). Just check it again.

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Thx snowcat. I am definitely in the coverage area for the eagles (45mins west of philly). I can see the next eagles game. Got all 4 preseasons. So not a coverage area.

Is it still not showing up? Which game is listed instead? Also, what is your local CBS station?

Could it be blacked out because it has not sold out?

No, the NFL has suspended their blackout policy for this year as well.

I sync’d and loaded the guide before I posted the OP. no CBS 3 Eagles game on sept 11 at 1pm…

Today after work, I sync’d and it showed up.

No idea why.

Thanks for the thoughts on the issue.

no idea why it didn’t show up on the 1st sync

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The only thing I can possibly think of is that the Eagles are on FOX most of the year and only on CBS at most twice. So maybe the guide data took longer to get than usual.

Nice link, @snowcat !

Here is a link to a map that shows which markets each game will be played.