Nexus player update

I was watching Tablo liveat 5:00 am and the Nexus Player decided to update while I was watching. @TabloTV Is there something you are supposed to do to indicate to Android that it is in use? I’ll contact Google today to see what they say. Went to 6.01 which is good since that is supposed to fix a problem.

Just fyi, 6.0.1 has no real changes for the Nexus Player. The washed out colors bug has been fixed internally though and will come with a future update.

But why did it update while I was watching Tablo live tv? I thought update took place when not in use or you click on check for update.

@beastman - We don’t control updates on other devices, just the Tablo itself. It could be that you have ‘auto-update’ selected on your Nexus which would mean it would just apply the update as soon as its available.