Nexus Player to Shield

I just got the Nvidia Shield TV I ordered during the Prime Days sale. Man this thing is fast compared to the Nexus Player. Switching in and out of apps is almost instant and the controls a very responsive. Overall a very worthwhile upgrade from the NP.

Now I need to see if the Plex server on it is robust enough to switch that duty over from the PC currently doing it.


It is indeed a huge upgrade. The Shield is probablymy favorite tech purchase in the last few years - the software updates are huge and frequent.

I have never been a fan of Plex due to the PC requirement, but it has worked really well for me so far using the Shield.

I got the 16GB model so I’m just deciding how to do the Plex library storage. I also bought a 4TB USB 3.0 drive. I have two options.

  1. I can attach the drive to my router and share. Then put a SD card in the ShieldTV for transcoding space. Advantage is it’ll be easier to add content, and I can use the extra space on the drive as a backup destination for my PC’s.

  2. Just attach the drive directly to the ShieldTV and mark it as adaptive storage. Advantage is it is local, but I’ve read the ShieldTV will format it FAT so I’ll be unable to put really large movie files on it (+4GB).

I’m thinking I’ll try option 1 first without the added SD and if that works, I’ll add the SD card.

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I would try option 1 first. I currently have my hard drive hooked up to the Shield as non-adopted storage, because transfer speeds were very slow for me over the network. So I just unplug from shield, plug into computer, drag files, and plug back in. Very non-high-tech, but it is very dependable and results in faster file transfer performance.

Once I move into my new house with Ethernet wired throughout I will probably switch to a hard drive plugged into my router.

I got my Plex library moved over and it is running well via the ShieldTV Plex server. The only real issue I had was overheating my router while copying over the media files. Ended up just attaching the drive to the PC for the initial copy (faster that way anyway).

I also tried out GameStream on it. Once I got the correct Windows firewall rules in it worked great. So overall the ShieldTV was a good purchase. It is faster and has more features than the Nexus Player. Hopefully it hangs less often too.

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