Nexus Player $49.99 @ Best Buy - works well with Tablo!

Just thought I’d mention … this is an Android player that works very well with Tablo. I’ve been using one for all my Tablo life :wink: and snagged another for the wife’s studio TV … it will be nice for her to be able to watch her Voice / Dancing w/Stars / etc. direct without having to use the extra step of Chromecast.

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yea, the rumor is a new version is going to be announced very soon :wink:


Same with the Chromecast. I bought a new one on sale for 30 bucks at Best Buy three weeks ago, then just read that Google would be coming out with a new version soon as well. Among other things it’s rumored it will support 5GHz wifi. I’m returning the one I just bought and wait for the new one. Now I know why it was on sale. Oh, I also read the price on the new model will be the same 35 bucks as current.

Do yourself a favor and get a Nexus player instead for 15 bucks more. It’s been game changer for me. No more endlessly long buffering, crashes requiring reconnect, FF issues, etc. Also I can now record in 1080 HD.

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Looks like a ‘solution’ to the FUBAR Rokus playback which has been a daily aggrevation with Tablo since April. I’ve ordered 1 and may pop for 5 more if it works properly. Another thread on this forum recently showed these for $45 shipped from eBay/Newegg. Mine supposedly shipped within 12 hours of my order!


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When will yours arrive?

Newegg’s free shipping uses UPS SurePost, an economy method which goes from Newegg (in this specific case Indianapolis) to the destination city by UPS, and then local delivery by the postal service. No guaranteeded delivery promised but estimated on Friday.of this week (5 business days).

And Android has Netflix, Hulu, Pluto TV, Tablo to name a few. Also, since it is a Nexus it always gets the new version of Android first. I don’t know if you have an option to not upgrade. Basically you’ll have all the Android apps. You might want to get a bluetooth keyboard to use with it, depending on what you want to do. CBSN too.

Ok, I’m confused … didn’t the OP post a link to the Nexus Player? Is there another unit or are they the same?

Pretty sure he was responding to @dhanger at Nexus Player $49.99 @ Best Buy - works well with Tablo!

Wondering if the Tablo app does a grid program guide. Not a big deal but just curious. If it handles the essential playback functions properly, all will be well with me. 1080 would be nice but 720p would be fine also. And having the correct list of recordings regardless of sort order would get bonus points!

Also having researched PlutoTV a bit based on @beastman reference, I look forward to checking that out as well.

Isn’t $50 the typical price now? Groupon had it for less recently.

Yes, @Max the sale price is $50, if you can find it in stock. Many places are either raising the price or running out of stock right now. @RetiredEngineer yes, the Tablo Android TV app does a grid program guide. You should be able to stream 1080p no problem if your network condition is decent. I have seen it work with 1080p no problem on 4 different Android TV devices in 2 different homes, along with many people on this forum.

Pluto TV is a neat app, though I admit it takes a while for me to get used to, because it is much more similar to typical cable than to the cord cutter mindset where you choose exactly what you want to watch.

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Thanks for the info.

Don’t know about other llink. To my knowledge there’s just one Nexus player.

Pluto TV makes Roku 3 and Roku 4 reboot when I exit. I’m beginning to thing the problem is more Roku. I hope the Nexus Player doesn’t restart with Pluto TV.

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Pluto TV on Android TV runs really well. I don’t think I have ever had a reboot in playback in any app.

Got my Nexus player today from Newegg and was disappointed to see no Ethernet RJ-45 port.

Anybody have a recommendation for a MicroUSB to RJ-45 Ethernet adapter which will work Plug and Play with no driver installation required ?


Absent any specific testimonials here, I ordered this on Amazon for $12 shipped. Made by Plugable Technologies. Supposedly compatible with Nexus player and very highly rated:

4.6 out of 5 stars 1,043 Reviews
Plugable USB 2.0 to 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN Wired Network Adapter for Macbook, Chromebook, Windows 10, 8.1 and Earlier, Surface Pro, Wii, Wii U, Linux (ASIX AX88772 chipset)