Nexus Missing Data

Got a Nexus player to replace Roku. Fully synced with Tablo but displays no thumbnails or channel lineup. Tablo works with all thumbnails and channel lineup on 2nd Roku, iPad, iPhone. Uninstalled and reinstalled - no change. Believe I am missing something simple. Help!

What firmware are you running on the Tablo?

Have you upgraded the firmware on the Nexus Player? Out of the box, it can be many updates behind.


Running 2.2.8 and Nexus has been updated. Roku has been discovered and synced. Under live TV getting constant rotating blue circle just below the time stamp. The channels are listed on the left but no data being displayed. I can access the channels and they all display. On the Recordings screen - no thumbnails being displayed.

Nexus Player should be Android 6 with Feb updates from Google.

Nexus Player fully up to date, location services on, and still no display of show thumbnails and no live TV channel guide. I’m at a loss as it works fine on all other platforms.

Mine was missing guide dastas. Go into settings in the Tablo app. Edit channels, and add to guide. That fixed mine.

Poor Progress. 2 of the 19 channels showed up in the guide. No thumbnails at all for recordings. I actually did a rescan, deleted app and reinstalled, and am now on my third round of editing channels. This first foray into the Android environment is not going well. I was actually going to try a Nexus factory reset but can’t locate that function. Apple and Roku both working per normal.

I’m glad I’m not the only one having problems with this Android beta. @TabloTV and @TabloSupport more testing with Android Marshmallow needed!

BTW, I unscheduled a recording at the top but all the individual episodes still showed they would be recorded. I had to manually unschedule each episode.

After reinstalling on Nexus 9 Tablet, the guide data is there, at least for now.