NextGen TV’s DRM puts future of the over-the-air DVR in doubt

Interesting read from TechHive

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Fact, armed with $30 and a trip to Walmart, I can re-broadcast (live) ANYTHING that is privacy protected. Even, the beloved future ATSC 3.0 with drm. Again, this requirement has ZERO to do with preventing piracy. Sigh…

Although broadcasters downplayed ATSC 3.0’s DRM (digital rights management) features in the standard’s early years,

It was always known. It was there for a reason. Marketing ATSC 3.0 with a consumer friendly name like NextGen TV so big corporations could say it’s good for you should be a hint. Now… it’s just for safety - then suddenly you have to pay for OTA.

Surprise, it’s getting worse. Internet dependency, multiple levels of certification (unlike what was promised), same source ONLY restriction, end device certification required, etc., etc…

Die NextgenTV, die.


I used to be excited for this and it really did have so much potential. It’s a shame that it turned so quickly.

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All NextgenTV will do if this is “the way” they’re going to do it, is promote and encourage piracy and illegal rebroadcasts. So proud. I’d fire them all.

You will have to explain how ATSC 3.0 OTA DRM broadcasts will encourage more illegal(IPTV) rebroadcasts then an unencrypted ATSC 1.0 broadcast.

And since the standard was developed by a consortium of companies and not the government I’m not sure who you would or could fire.

But here is a list of just the chairperson(not the worker bees) of the various subcommittees.

Anytime (emphasis) you arbitrarily restrict access to “something”, especially when prior access was unrestricted, you foster illegal other pathways. Do not let the propaganda fool you. There’s zero real reason for this. Zero.

This skunk wreaks.

I have morals, so I would never rebroadcast their closed evil thing… but, emphasis, it’s trivial (I mean, super trivial) to do… that is, this drm crap, which again, does nothing to me as an evil (just slightly less evil than those behind ATSC 3.0 drm) rebroadcaster to do my thing. I wouldn’t do this… but again, I still have morals. The arbitrary restrictions here only harm the average person. It’s will create a bigger “class” gap between the “mighty” and the “unimportant” people. And as such, it will foster a market for “free” content via illegal means.

I’m just hoping the FCC can see that. But money and power blinds sense.


Seems like the game is to make it so inconvenient that you give in to paying for the big networks’ ‘limited ads’ streaming service.
There are advantages with the streaming services over OTA now, but take away the flexibility you have to record OTA and all you have left is ‘its free!’ (for now…)

You’re a game player. You aren’t a game developed or own the game. You can either play the game, play another game, or play no games.

True. The fun stops when someone decides to take their ball and go home. Just find another game to play I guess, plenty of options.

When it comes to ATSC 3.0 DRM and encryption it seems to work on TV’s with ATSC 3.0 tuners.

For STB’s and gateway products no one brings that ball to a game since the last set of A3SA API’s isn’t in place yet. But there will be limitations on capabilities for encrypted OTA broadcasts.