Next weekend's Sinatra special (Dec 6)

I saw that there is a special on CBS next Sunday, Dec 9 at 9 PM. I don’t know if CBS has a football double header next Sun. I would like to schedule and record this event but am concerned it will start later due to football. Will the Tablo take care of that for me automatically?

Sadly, no genie escapes when you rub your Tablo… which is to say, Tablo and its guide data cannot adequately predict the future. I once mentioned that it might be nice to create some kind of social network majority rule opinion override for schedule data that might help clue things in… but even then, it would be difficult. Sorry about the news.


This happens all the time Sunday evening on CBS. Football, 60 min etc. … delays the start of later program times.

I just record the show or shows (typically the evening news) following the last show I want to record.



Ditto. Then I use Tablo Ripper to get both off the Tablo, edit them and join the two segments (if there is an overlap) that I want to save in my library.

Several years ago NBC was notorious for ending shows one minute past the hour even when there was no live event preceding the show. Got caught many times missing the conclusion of a show.

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@tbellucco The best way to work around football pushing programming later is to schedule a manual recording that lasts from when football is ‘supposed’ to end, to well beyond the end of the program you actually wish to see.

You’ll have a very big recording, but you’ll be sure to get the content you want.

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Doubt it. Suggest you do a manual record to allow additional time.

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It would really be awesome if guide provider could change guide data and cause guide to update. But different parts of the country get different games.

Thanks all, I have created a manual entry to record the event and beyond.