Nexas for $50 on ebay since people say it is better than Roku for streaming

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I have also seen some pretty bad reviews on it also. But at 50% off might be a good deal :wink:

It’s a Nexus so always new Android Wireless AC

Yea, funny thing I was looking for the deal that seemed to go away so I’m all in :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this excellent tip! I just ordered one, and may migrate to Nexus for all my 6 active Rokus as the Tablo player if this provide more stable playback. Worth taking a shot ! And really tired of this ongoing Tablo Roku kabuki drama.


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If you search on eBay, there are some that cost less and some that people are bidding on. The company I got mine from is a big store in NY. I prefer to buy from stores vs individuals.

From Newegg less money

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Yes, Adorama is big for electronics (Photo)