News Recording Length

I have now been using the Tablo for 4 months. Working perfectly minus one issue. Can someone tell me why my local news recordings are as many as 2-3 hours long when they are all distinct 30 or 60 minute programs?

Is …extended live recordings…checked in settings?
If so, uncheck it
Or you can manually set start and stop times

Hi Tom,

Yes, Extend Live Recordings was checked. I did not know what that did. Thanks!

All that should do is make season finales and sporting events extend 50% more. So a one hour show will record for 1.5 hours, and a 3 hour sporting event will record for 4.5 hours.

It should not have any effect on news shows, and it would not account for a one hour show lasting for 2 or 3 hours. Something else is likely the cause. i would make sure that you haven’t accidently set the stop time to be 1 or 2 hours over.

The news programs scheduled are to start 2 mins before and 0 minutes after. So that should not be the problem. Let’s see what it does when it records tomorrow’s morning news. I will let you know.

The only other likely problem not mentioned already would be some sort of guide data issue. If it keeps happening check the grid view to see how long the guide data says the show is. If the guide data is wrong you can open a support ticket to get it fixed or set up a manual recording.

I think I have figured it out, but there is probably no solution. Each morning there are a series of news programs back to back all named the same thing. I thought I set it to record one. Since they are all named the same thing it keeps recording.

I would configure to save only 1, but once the second one starts to record the first one is deleted.

I see you are a fellow middle Tennessean, @SJMaye . I live in Bellevue. Where are you located?

And I am glad you figured it out. It is interesting that the afternoon/evening news on CBS are all different titles, but the morning is the same title. ABC and FOX also have just one morning show title, while NBC has multiple morning ones.

Hi Snowcat- I am out in Hendersonville. For what it is worth, I record local Fox also in the morning and it also has the same issue as CBS (WTVF).

Weird thing is that I never had this issue before with Windows Media Center or Tivo. They must use some other unique identifier. No worries. I am working around it.

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Sounds like the easiest thing to do is Manual Recording. Go into scheduled and hit the + button top right. I’m not sure if all platforms have that feature yet or not but most Tablo apps support it including web browser at

Wow! That is what I was looking for. I was not aware there was a manual record function. I now have it programmed. Thanks for the tip!

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