News for Android and Roku

Thanks for the heads-up…I’m going to try that out.

ERoku blog was wrong. It us also in Google Play and Itunes. See

better description of ownership, and it looks good.

I cannot get it to install on My Roku 4

I got it to install on my Roku 4 without any issues…I did it through the Roku channels website. Maybe try that if you haven’t already.

I tried both ways but it still won’t install. It just says “NewsOn could not be installed.”

I’m out of ideas…can’t think of any reason it won’t install. Just a last thought, have you rebooted the Roku and tried again?

Rebooted again and the NewsOn channel is there. No clue what the issue was but glad it is there :wink:

Sometimes we just have to be grateful it worked - no matter the reason! :smile: