Newest Firmware update

Since updating using the recent app we have had a number of issues.

It was supposed to improve the commercial skip feature but it is now way worse than it was before.

I don’t like the new format when you start a recording. It takes you automatically to the delete the recording which makes easy to accidentally delete the recording. It should open up to the play button.

When I open Tablo to the recorded shows, the most recent recordings do not appear. In order to see them we have to open another recording and then close it. Then the recent recordings appear.

Often but not always, when I open the Tablo app the screen is blank. If I leave and come back the app opens.

There seems to be a lot of bugs in the new app. I wish that I could go back to the prior firmware version.

You mention app but also mention firmware. Are you referring to the Tablo hardware firmware update that was released recently in both cases or are you also referring to a specific app update (i.e. Roku, Android TV, etc.)? If you are also talking about an app update, for which device (Fire TV or Android TV) and app (Tablo or Tablo PREVIEW) specifically?

Additional information may help others provide assistance.

Nelix, Sorry, I am referring to the recent firmware release. I included my app type (Fire TV) in case it might be relevant to the issue.

Thanks for the clarification. With the latest Tablo (2.2.28) I’m not seeing the issues you are seeing but I use the Android TV and Roku apps. In both of them when I select recordings to start playing them back the Watch Next (if I’m at the show level) or Watch (if I’m at the episode level) buttons are the default buttons selected, not the Delete button.

I’ll let someone who has a Fire TV chime in as to whether they see the same issues as you do.