Newegg Tablo sale through 8/8

I just noticed that they are offering a 10% discount on both the 2-tuner and 4-tuner models through 8/8.   This is the first sale I have seen for the Tablo, so if you are interested in getting your first one or just adding to your collection, this is a good time to do so. 

Sales tax and shipping seem to be the big differences between ordering directly through Tablo or using Newegg.   If I buy through Tablo, I don’t have to pay sales tax, but I do have a $12.00 shipping fee.  If I use Newegg, I have to pay sales tax (which is a pretty high 9.25% in Nashville), but I can get free supersaver shipping.   The NewEgg sale is a better price with the 10% discount, but normally buying through Tablo is cheaper for me.

The links

4 Tuner
Code = AF85TEN 

2 Tuner
Code = AFNJ4120

@snowcat, yea the sales tax eats up most of the discount, but still better than paying full price :stuck_out_tongue:

I just ordered my first Tablo (2 tuner) and a Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1TB and am very excited to call the cable company and tell them see ya once it is setup.

I was also able to do a free trial to Newegg premier and got free 3 day shipping but it estimates it will be delivered tomorrow since it’s shipping from a nearby distro facility.  I can’t wait!

I will be buying in about a month.  waiting for walmart to have it on sale…90 day return policy.

Thanks for the code… this was just the thing I needed to make me decide to go with a Tablo … !

Wow… can’t believe there are so many peeps from TN! I just ordered mine today from Newegg as well… hate paying the ridiculous sales tax, but the discount covered most of it and it will be here tomorrow!!  I had a SimpleTV and that thing was a turd… died on me in less than a week, and I wasn’t really even using it yet. 

I had the same experience more or less Lumberjack.

I will be buying in about a month. waiting for walmart to have it on sale.....90 day return policy.

If you buy it from Walmart using ebates you can save 2%…