Newbie to cord cutting

I have Internet from Cable provider

I have Apple TV 4K for streaming and I have a TV Antenna and I have a Denon Receiver

I would like to do the following:

A. single Tablo DVR to be able to record from Antenna and from Apple TV

B. Ability to watch live TV and Apple TV from three TV’s in the home

C. Ability to watch different things on the different TV’s at the same time

D. Ability to watch different things recorded on the DVR on different TV’s at the same time

Can all of this be accomplished? What Tablo DVR supports this? Any other hardware needed?

Is there somewhere I can find all of this documented?

A. Tablo will record from OTA antenna. It will NOT record from Apple TV.

B. You will need an Apple TV attached to each TV.

C. that works.

D. that works

And as for documentation, you can look at the Tablo website:
There is a lot of information there, though this community is happy to help with any questions. :slight_smile:

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