Newbie Question - Pre Purchase?

Hello All,

Here is my question (sorry if this has been asked / answered before)… I am looking to use Tablo via Apple TV to consolidate (aggregate) my subscriptions to FUBO TV & ATT NOW into one, easy to reference TV guide.

Will Tablo allow me to view my Content from those 2 providers together? If so, I’m sold & ready to go!

Thanks in advance

The Tablo app is separate from those other streaming services. They will not show up in the Tablo app.

No. Tablo only supports OTA at this time. I have no idea what the future may hold…

You might be thinking of Channels DVR instead of Tablo. Channels DVR uses a service of subscription services called TV Everywhere.

Their forum for TV Everywhere:

Channels is a nice product but is definitely more of a ‘build it yourself’ product rather than the turnkey product that Tablo is.