Newbie on the community

Hi to everyones,just another newbie on this site hoping to learn from you guys specially how to setup my new tablo 4 tunnel dvr,iam trying to hooked up on my amazon firestick no lock so far.


Here is a guide to setting it up

Definitely made the right choice on the 4 tuner model. Primetime can be busy!

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Yes, we were glad we bought the 4-tuner. We didn’t think we would use it that much, but we record a lot of old shows off the sub-channels.

just go to your fire stick scroll left at the home page look for the magnefind click on and write the word Tablo click on that again it will take you to the app and them downloaded and tha’s it,good lock my friend.

To all peoples learnig how to get the best use of the Tablo 4 tunnel dvr,with your main PC in your home network you have to configure the tablotv app following all the steps all the way for the first time, also registering on the new account for it,when you have that all other divices will follow automaticly on each one just has to download the Tablo app individually on each one,like newest smart tv like samsung ,LG,amazon firestick,andriod boxes,chromecast,tablets or any divices you may have,belieme you will be amaze with all that’s,good lock to everyones.

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I also try the tablotv app out of my home on diferent network and it works like I was on my own house and if you forget to set up a new recording you can also do it from your cellphone from any where.

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Yes sir! I’ve been recording a lot of those shows myself. Pre-Tablo I didn’t watch them often because of their schedules. I don’t care nor do I know their schedules now but they are waiting for me when I’m bored. Pretty sweet!

The extra tuners are also useful when you take into account extended recordings.

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Yes, really helpfully when something runs over.

How did you do to acces your tablo outside your network? It doesnt work for me.

Set up port forwarding on your router. See link:

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