Newbie here. The "data guide" service seems to also include recording, but…

I just hooked up my Tablo tonight. It’s working great. I love it. It seems to get better reception than the TV when using the same antenna!

I didn’t order the online storage, and I don’t have external storage connected. Yet, when I watch live TV, I can click the “record” button and it will allow me to pause, rewind and skip forward, and view it later as a saved recording. I do have the “guide data” as a trial. Is that allows this feature.

If I don’t renew the “guide data” will I lose the ability to pause, rewind, skip forward, and store shows? If I keep the “guide data” but don’t add any other storage, how much can I store in this manner?

Thanks for your help.

  • Dave

Which exact Tablo model do you have? Older models had 64 GB or 128 GB of internal storage so you could store recordings without buying an HDD.

I believe all Tablos have some amount of internal storage (for example the Tablo QUAD has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Flash memory), and while you can use that memory to do some limited watching/recording of Live TV that’s not how it was intended to be used (unless you have a Tablo model as mentioned by @theuser86). You’ll probably want to get a USB or SATA hard drive (depending on what model Tablo you have).

If you don’t renew the guide you’ll be limited to manual recordings (specific day, time, duration), pausing and storing of shows should be unaffected. With no guide data there will be no program art either.

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Possibly you are using the Cloud Storage DVR capability, which offers 64Gb for some monthly fee after the initial free trial. Most people prefer the local storage options; it’s inexpensive and easy to add your own USB storage.

Keep in mind that once you add local storage you won’t be able to access your cloud storage recordings.

Somewhere there is a better post (got bookmark overload) - how Dual’s use EMMC for local storage if using CloudDVR similar as described.

How to migrate to a bigger drive? - #87 by TabloTV
USB Flash Drives... now supported - #3 by TabloTV

If a user uses CloudDVR …or has no drive attached, these devices, presumably moving forward, are designed to handle live TV buffering for pause etc locally.

Thanks for your help. I have a Tablo Dual Lite. It must be using the small bit of internal storage.

Hi @daveydee, just to clarify something, when you go to the Settings screen on your Tablo, what do you see under ‘Storage’?