Newbie: HD Quality Not Great

New user of abt two weeks. Quite satisfied with everything except pic quality, at 780 or 1020. My OTA direct connect HD quality isn’t slightly better than running through Tablo, it’s significantly better. I’m using an amplified splitter, but get the same result w/o the splitter. I’m far away from my OTA stations, like 60-100 miles, but I’m at 3000’ elevation and get excellent reception with my little ClearStream Eclipse Amplified Antenna, 50+ Mile Range, Multi-directional.

I can live with this and am very pleased with the DVR, guide, etc, but curious if this is typical.


Yes… raw ATSC is going to be “better”.

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I have had my Tablo Dual for 2 months.

An early disappointment was the signal from the Tablo/FireTV Stick combination. It was darker and had less contrast than the signal from the RF antenna connection on my 2008 Toshiba television set. Then I noticed that the Netflix/FireTV Stick combination had the same issue.

The answer to my problem was that my old Toshiba provided a way to balance different incoming signals. Specifically it allowed me to select my HDMI port and then change the video settings for that port only. It had not been obvious to me before that it had that capability.

First I adjusted the Backlight, Contrast, and Brightness controls for the best picture. Then I re tweaked them to match the picture that I was seeing from the RF input. (Try not to increase the Backlight any more that necessary.)

That completely solved my issue.

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You know, sadly, in a lot of cases, the “mess” is caused by the TV trying to be the smartest guy in the room.

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Fine advice on backlight. Making progress now. Thanks.