New Year, New Tablo DVR (& Commercial Skip!)


Warranty replace needed at CES for missing rubber foot.


See a previous post.


If I have a life-time subscription can it transfer to a new unit?
I think I read it was account based and not unit based…true?


True. Your sub is good for up to 10 (I think) units on the account.


That’s a @TabloSupport problem :wink:


Interesting…so the entire recording is uploaded to TabloHQ, where the markers are identified and placed on your local recording?


Uh… I don’t think so. :slight_smile:


If you listen to the video Tablo included cordcutters says that…could be wrong


A portion of the data from your local recording is uploaded. Not all of it because that would be A LOT of data to upload.

Then a new playlist is created with tags and sent back to your Tablo.

When you request a recording and there is a commercial skip-enabled playlist, your device (Roku etc.) will choose that one.


What happens if I turn the commercial skip feature on, the recording finishes, and the processing successfully completes.

While watching the recording I discover that commercial skip processing messed up and chopped out important scenes. Can I turn off the feature and re-watch the recording in it’s original recording mode? Or am I SOL.


The commercials are still there, the flagging just tells the system using to view it to skip forward.

So you would have two options, you can rewind / fast forward back into the commercial block (or skipped area) and watch accordingly or you can bring up an option screen and temporary disable it for the current viewing.


If ya’ll are doing ANY frame inspection, it’s going to be too much data. So, I’m still guessing “no”. I mean if you’re using frame shots or compressed series of thumbs, it’s a lot.

(concerned about the implementation)


Of course the commercials are still there. Other wise the whole total recording would have to be re-transcoded. That would not only require a tuner but some amount of time.

If the commercial skipping was seamless, I wouldn’t even know where to rewind to. Unless rewind and fast forward doesn’t engage commercial skipping. If so that would be a shame.

Hopefully there is some way to replay the the original context.


Whatever is being done it’s being done using the fine granularity of the small segments that Tablo records at… which are presented as a playlist for playback. Thus, it’s my belief that they are just altering the playlist to skip over the small segments that seem to just contain commercial data, which also means that portions of the small segments at the beginning of a commercial run and at the end will (potentially) have a small part of commercial run begin and end.

Thus, the original segments are there. And thus there’s like to be a call that returns the whole playlist vs the reduced one, or they’ve got some kind of call that returns the skip list to be used with the playlist on playback.

(but I’m still concerned about the implementation since their server is involved)


If it works like all the rest of the good commercial skipping software, it analyzes the start frame(s) for each GoP.

The intermediate frames are unimportant since they contain differences to the start frame. And due to the fun with the Amazon Cube we don’t want to talk about forward and backward boundary frame references.


How much data/what speed is needed? I’m on a 25/2 connection in a rural area and would not want to use all of the upload bandwidth, nor do I want to decrease my video quality. Will there be an option to turn off these data uploads?


So will this work on recordings I already have? Or only on new recordings?


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Only on new recordings.


@atmvoice I’m also in a rural area, but only have a 5/0.5 connection and it would not work for me during the early beta testing. I previously asked @TabloTV in this thread for the minimum requirements, but so far they have not responded.