New web site for Cord cutters

This sit is new and still in development.

Check out this site and refer it to your friends. I like it better than TVfool.

Doesn’t seem to be working with a Canadian address.

I find the signal strength column in this new site to be FAR more accurate than any of the other sites. For example, TV Fool lists my NBC channel as being strong. The reality for me is NBC is choppy, even though it is the same exact direction and distance as ABC and CBS (also listed on TV Fool as strong).
The channels are sorted by signal strength in the new site and represent my experience with the listed channels very accurately. Bravo! How is it that this is so accurate, but the other (currently mainstream) sites aren’t?

One thing I noticed that seems a bit off… If I don’t provide my numbered street address, it only finds 4 channels. As soon as I put in my house number, I get 53. Note, my street is less than a quarter mile long with no hills.

I’ll mention it to the developer, in Cord Cutter techinal support on fb, but I know he uses the FCC database.

I found the opposite. My address was only 3 stations but just zip code gave all 40 stations I receive. I told the developer that last night. Must be the buildings and everything that makes the signals travel where the model doesn’t anticipate.

I tried K1P1J1 and see tvfool finds stations and this one doesn’t. What is the equivalent of FCC in Canada?

Do you receive any us stations or only Canadian?

very cool, needs two things IMO

  1. sort by channel
  2. Anonymous link to send out to others and not share your address.

I suggested number 1 last night. More antenna reviews are coming. I asked why Winegard FL5500A wasn’t listed. I suggested adding city state to known good locations for antenna. Example, Austin Texas for Winegard FL5500A.

Join Cord Cutter Tech Support on FB.

Works US only for now. He has to pay for the data.

Hmmm… for me the info was way off (just plain wrong).

Did you try just zip code?

I did. So I started by entering my new address (just moved 2 weeks ago) realizing that most things have no idea where I live (new subdivision). That was my best result. However it said I would receive zero with indoor antenna and 80 with outdoor. I could recieve only about 10 in reality with an indoor leaf (mounted on wall facing approximately the towers). And the sginals all showed “yellow” on the graphs pretty much… I get great signla with an indoor attic mount.

So… I tried my old address which has existed for over 16 years. It said 0 and 0. So I tried just the zip, it said 0 and 0.

Could be that the site just has some bugs.

Confirmed, it’s just a buggy app. Did the zip again and got better (but hardly accurate) results.

Use the contact us link or joiin cord cutter tech support let the development know and he’ll čechk it 9ut and fix

The CRTC is the equivalent of the FCC.

I don’t receive any US TV stations where I live. I’m too far from the border.

Maybe… but it’s not that big of deal to me. I’m mean it’s an “ok” site/tool… TV Fool allows coordinate entry and it’s presentation is more focused on content rather than “flashiness”. But I’m fine with the idea that there is an alternative.

Interesting site but its not terribly accurate … tells me I can only get 5 stations … to actually get the correct number I do receive I have to tell it I live in a 10 story building…