New video player in web app causes system to get hot

@matb33 @TabloSupport So it seems the web player in the latest HTML app has introduced a minimum processor requirement. My win8 tablet running on a Intel Atom 1.33ghz 4 core can no longer play Tablo videos, either windowed or full screen… it just stutters at around 20fps (best guess), then the video will freeze outright as the audio continues, and within minutes my tablet gets quite hot. 

I’ve tried the same videos on an Intel Core 5 system and they play fine. This issue is new and specific to the new HTML release 0.9.193. 

Is this intentional? You’ve just limited the devices I can use with Tablo… not a wise move.

I had some issues with Firefox browser as well… a page popped up and said that my browser is not supported.  Firefox not supported???  It said Chrome or Safari…

@Thumbs we indeed experienced this issue when switching to a skinnable player (in order to add the skip buttons, chromecast etc). This particular player (called VideoJS) turned out not to implement hardware acceleration for video in their Flash player (Flash is needed for HLS decoding). So we ended up implementing it in a fork of the project, and we got it running at an equivalent speed according to our own tests, but we only went so low as a Core 2 Duo. It seems the work we did was not enough. We are actually exploring a whole other player altogether with support from a big company. I’ll post in this thread if the fit ends up working out and we implement it. It’s a fairly high priority item (and even higher now that you’ve confirmed the new player clearly isn’t as fast as the previous one).

I tested the new web app and playing on an I3 380m processor.  Prior the video was fluid, the new player appears to stutter at times.  Makes live tv look too much like an internet stream.  Before, the video looked great.

@matb33 Thanks for the explanation an insight. 

The good: Chromecast streaming is new to the Win8 platform (thank you very much for that) and it is not impacted by the VideoJS player… my Atom system stays nice and cool while casting.

The bad: The “30 forward” and “20 back” buttons don’t work on any win8 system… either in the VideoJS player or when casting to Chromecast. What’s up with that?

Keep in mind, a hotter system means reduced battery life. I’m sure the next video player will support hardware acceleration again but as a company with a video player, you need to factor in battery impact… what if the video played but I couldn’t get through a 60 minute episode. What use would Tablo be then!?

@Thumbs @guck11 OK roger that, thanks for the details. This issue is getting high priority.