New version is a revelation

Installed the update through the Fire. It’s ridiculous how much better it is. Clearly the player rewrite paid some big dividends. But the best thing is the new way the skip works. Jesus!! I bought the first TiVo and have had scores of DVRs. It’s for sure the best ever. Good job.


Are you referring to a new firmware update to Tablo, or a new update to the player app for Fire? The very recent player app update did not seem especially different except for bulk delete.

Wondering if the new Tablo firmware update has actually been releases yet ? Perhaps you are a beta tester?


The FireTV app update has been released for a week or two now, and it fixed all the stuttering/buffering issues on that platform. It also has the preview pane for FF/Rew.

The Tablo firmware update has not been released yet.

Thank you very much for clarifying. The player app for iOS was released around the same date and time, but had a much less dramatic impact on my iPhone since it already worked extremely well before the update. I thought you might be referring to the Tablo firmware update, now in beta, which I eagerly await.

Like you, I have lived with many DVRs going back to literally the last century mid 1990’s and I really love this Tablo. The product and people supporting it are very impressive, and the feature set just gets better and better. Glad your Fire is now working well.


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