New user - no 14 day guide for trial period?

Just got the Tablo yesterday. The guide took so long to update, I was sure it was 14 days… Next morning, I only have 24 hours… Did I misunderstand the guide thing?

The Live TV grid is 24 hours. The guide is 14 days.

A distinction without a difference to me, but thanks.

The guide is accessible through Prime Time, Movies, TV Shows or Sports menus. It will show programs up to 2 weeks out, so you can set them up to record.

The grid view (on the Live TV menu) is set up for about the next 24 hours only. You can request programs (airing in the next day) to record on the grid view, too.

Happy New Year and enjoy your Tablo.


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It’s always good to read the user manual.

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I guess “similar” and “apps” are open to interpretation. :frowning:

If you go to settings, channels and select shows , movies it will show program for 14 days. For examle if you have METV select it and shows and you’ll see several episodes of MaMa’s Family, Perry Mason, etc.

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Thanks for the link to the manual. The interface is not the same as shown.