New User...FireTV App Question

Hi Gang,…New user here. I just installed my Tablo yesterday. I have an Amazon FireTV on my main TV and a Firestick on my bedroom TV. I also installed the PC app on my desktop. I noticed on the FireTV app there’s a missing menu choice, namely the “Prime” choice. Am I missing something, or is the Amazon app less functional? Also, if I may, 1 additional question. How do I get my TabloTV to record a series. I specifically want to record “Ellen” for my wife. Do I have to wait for the new season to start? I’m pretty impressed with my TabloTV so far.

Each Tablo app has slightly different functionality, so there may not be a Prime for FireTv (hopefully someone here can confirm).

As for recording Ellen, just do a search for that show (it showed up on my Tablo just fine). Then do Record New to get all the new episodes.

I have the fire tv box and I can’t specifically remember Prime time being an option (I tend to use my android tablet to select shows for recording).

But, try this… Click (Select/Center button on remote) on the TV shows menu and when that populates, Navigate (Left Directional button on remote) to a sub-menu option within TV shows menu. The sub-menu will not appear until you click on the left directional button.

Sorry if this sounds strange or is wrong, but I am not at home at the moment and can’t recall exactly the menu scheme. I’m at work trying to make $$$ to pay for those bills. (Electricity, Water, Phone…BUT NOT CABLE!!!) :wink:

The Prime Time view is not available on all apps. All of those shows can be viewed in the TV Shows screen or Guide on other apps.

Thanks for the comebacks gang! I appreciate it. I’m recently retired and saving $ is a BIG deal. So far I love this Tablo TV.Just out of curiosity, how large of a hard drive do you all use. I set up with a 2TB so far. Great to be a part of this community as well.

I have a 4 TB drive, but I still have 2.3 TB left and have been using this drive for over 2 years. So a 2 TB drive should last you a long time.

I have a 2 TB drive on my tablo as well. We still have about 1 TB left after 1 year of usage. My wife watches and deletes most of her shows. I record movies and keep them on there until I’ve been able to watch them. (I fall asleep to them, so I get to see about 10-15 minutes at a time.)

We still have most of the Rio Olympics on there as well as several gymnastic competitions, my wife loves gymnastics.

Hope you like the tablo, We are loving ours!

I DO have the Prime selection tab on both Fire Box (dongle) and Fire Stick (different room). My Fire TV app also has more detailed settings than what I’m seeing on my Roku app. Strange. What version is your fire stick?