New User Feedback

First, let me say the setup process was a breeze. I’m a long time AV and computer tech and the process went smoothly.

My main concerns regarding this installation are the services. I read through what I thought was all the information about the various Tablo models, but did not realize the lifetime guide subscription was not available for my HDMI model. Had I known, I would have thought twice about purchasing your product. I’m certain someone will say the information was always out there and I somehow missed it, but I would counter that not providing the same service options for all your users is less than user friendly and borders on bait and switch marketing.

I also believe not having the commercial skip service bundled with the guide service for no additional cost is also an unfriendly practice. Two add on subscriptions for full functionality is excessive!

Also disconcerting are the remote option differences between the models. If one model works with many different devices and secondary devices, one would think all models should have similar capabilities. But no, that’s not how things work in Tablo world. I will admit, I did find a table of the various connections per model and therefore was not surprised when my HDMI model wouldn’t connect to anything I own but Android, but even that capability worked only twice (badly) and then stopped connecting at all. Tried the FAQ troubleshooting steps and no joy.

On the positive side, at least the Tablo works most of the time using the HDMI port. I recently tried a competitor’s product and it required a reboot every day and sometimes more than once a day to function. Obviously had to return that device when even the company couldn’t and wouldn’t fix it during my trial return period. At least your device beats that. I also enjoy having the 4 tuners as that is usually more than enough to record the major networks.

I am certain my observations are not new or unique, but, your wide variations in features and unfriendly subscription options will prevent me from recommending your product and services to others. Simpler is better when dealing with the public. Your convoluted options are anything but simple.

@Tom_Gibson since you just received your HDMI unit you probably have the option to return and get a networked Tablo Quad (if you want the lifetime guide).

As you know, the networked Tablos need a client, like a Roku or Fire TV etc. I’ve been using a Tablo Quad with a Roku for a few years and have been satisfied with the setup and picture quality.

Sounds like one of the networked models fits your use case more than one of the HDMI models. The HDMI models are primarily targeted toward those watching on a single device, hence the connection via HDMI.

Nope, the networked Tablo had enough bad reviews to steer me away. The two times I got the Android connection to work, the resolution differences and playback quality were unacceptable. HDMI remains my connection of choice. I would like the option to at least set up recordings on the Tablo from my Android device when the main TV is busy. Also, if I cannot get the Android connection to work reliably, then there is no way I want to trust getting the other clients to work.

My review and my opinion stands.

Where are you seeing bad reviews? It certainly isn’t here.

You need two subscriptions because you are paying for two completely different services. The guide subscription pays the guide vendor (and likely helps pay for the developers). The commercial skip subscription pays for the extra servers and programming needed for the commercial skip.

When you say Android connection are you talking Android as an in Android phone/tablet or are you talking about an Android TV device like a Chromecast or Shield TV?

I have zero issues connecting to my 4 tuner networked Tablo with both my Android phone and a Chromecast with Google TV.

He must be talking about an Android TV device, since he has an HDMI Tablo.

Good point. I forgot the HDMI models don’t support phones or tablets.