NEW - Updates for Android & Fire TV Devices

Hi Everyone -

There is an update now available for our Android-based apps which include Android phones, tablets, Android TV and FireTV. Your devices should receive an update notification for version 3000260 in the coming hours.

Updates are as follows:

  • Fix for unexpected stoppage of the app on smartphone devices
  • Changes skip buttons back to 30 seconds FFW, 20 seconds rewind on touch UIs
  • Fix for scheduled series not showing up if no upcoming airings within next two weeks
  • Fix for date and time field errors in manual scheduling
  • Fix for pre-filling show titles during manual scheduling
  • Improved error messages for connection issues
  • Other small tweaks for improved performance


Thanks for putting this announcement up. Looks like there have been some good improvements to the platform. I have 2 questions:

  1. Does this remove the requirement to press play when starting a recording or fast forwarding through commercials on the Android TV?

  2. Does the 30/20 sec. change for FF/RW apply to Android TV/Fire TV or just the Android touch-based app? (I’m fine with the 10 second jump on the Android TV, personally).

@getcashmoney - It shouldn’t have happened in the first place but it was a difficult to reproduce and intermittent bug (at least in our tests). We DID fix the case we are able to reproduce so let us know.

And it’s on the touch UIs only.

Great! Thanks for the response. From memory (I could be wrong), that bug is reproducible 100% of the time on my machine prior to this update, but I will let you know if it happens again.

@TabloTV does this keep Android TV at 10 sec FF/RW? And does it continue playback or pause playback when FF/RW?

FF is 30 seconds as they said above. Not sure about the auto resume after FF though.

Great improvements! Any chance of adding either of these features to the Android TV app:

Recommending TV Content
Android TV allows for content recommendations to appear as the first row of the TV home screen. Perhaps Tablo could utilize this for upcoming live TV or recorded shows? Link to the code below:

Live Channels
Currently HDHomeRun can utilize the “Live Channels” app to watch live TV instead of the “HDHomeRun View” app. Can the Tablo take advantage of this?



+1 for recommendations implementation on Android TV


Thanks for the update!

However, the app on my Fire TV still reports the following version under Settings. I even deleted the app, rebooted the Fire TV and re-installed the app.

HTML Application: 1.0.21-545/3000238

Is that the version before the newest 3000260?

Showing the same version 86.

I’m so impatient.

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+100000000 for recommending Live Channels integration on Android TV

It is likely possible, but not as simple as it sounds. HDHomeRun records the native MPEG2 stream in MPEG2 video. Tablo records the native MPEG2 stream in h.264 video. So there’s different video formats.

Not getting thumbnails in the guide on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 after the update. Did a shutdown and restart but didn’t help. Guess I will uninstall and reinstall next.


Uninstall/reinstall worked, but still seems to be very slow updating images. My tablo isn’t recording any channels currently, so not sure why the slowdown.


From testing this last night, I finally no longer have to hit play again after selecting a recording to playback. Everything seems even quicker compared to the last app on Shield TV. There is some progress to be made in speed still (and further integrations into Android TV), but its still far and away the best experience I have had with Tablo to date. Thanks for the update!

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I am happy to have a working tablo tablet however. Should have mentioned that in the post above.


Live Channels doesn’t require a MPEG2 stream, as apps such as Pluto TV can feed into Live Channels:

Anyone waiting on an update for Fire TV it should be popping up soon. It shows as live in the store on our end so it could be the CDNs just catching up with the update.

And yes, we have all sorts of good things in store for integrations with Android TV. Stay tuned!


Amazon App Store on the Fire TV reported v1.0.23 but my Fire TV wouldn’t update the app. I rebooted, open the app, etc. and it never prompted for me to update. Automatic updates is turned on too.

Anyways, I had to manually uninstall the app, reboot and re-install to get v1.0.23 on my Fire TV.

HTML Application: 1.0.23-576/3000260

@TabloTV @TabloSupport

Big big big issue though is after a fresh install of the app, it changed my “Max Recording Quality” setting to SD 480 - 2 Mbps. Very bad and resulted in one of my recordings being SD rather than 720p. Luckily I caught it before too many recordings were of low quality.

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[quote=“theuser86, post:19, topic:3993, full:true”]
Big big big issue though is after a fresh install of the app, it changed my “Max Recording Quality” setting to SD 480 - 2 Mbps.[/quote]

All 3 of my FireTV boxes and one FireTV stick updated with the new Tablo app at different time last night and my “Max Recording Quality” setting never changes, it remains at 1080p so something else is going on with your setup.

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